Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The bathroom incident

My brother Dion has great kids.
I love being close to his family and his great kids.
The story for today involves one of his kids...
And here's what you need to know about Randy:
He tells the truth.
He tells the truth even if it is slightly awkward for the adults around him.
Dion with Randy

Here's a simple example.
I visited once and had a rental car.
Randy loves cars and knows more about cars than anyone I know.
So, he asked for a ride in my rental car.
As I started to drive him around, he says something along the lines of
"This rental car is a pretty crappy car.  We can just go around the block.  I thought it would be a better car."
Funny.  And honest.

Now to preface my story you need to know (or be reminded) that I am not a great housekeeper.
It's just not my strong suit.
I'm not a slob or a hoarder but I am a little bit lazy.

Housekeeping tasks I do well at:

Housekeeping tasks I am mediocre at:
cleaning windows

Housekeeping tasks I am terrible at:

My house has two bathrooms: one in my bedroom and one in the hallway that is both the boys regular bathroom and the guest bathroom.

I rarely go into this second bathroom.
My boys use it and I remind them to clean it 
but I don't check it and I don't use it.
And we really don't have guests that often so I don't give it a lot of thought.
But occasionally a guest will come over and then I have a mini panic attack wondering just how bad that bathroom is and hoping they don't ask to use it.

My brother came over one day and asked to use the restroom.
I told him that I hadn't been in there so I couldn't vouch for how disgusting it was...
so when he came out I asked (foolishly) how bad it was.
And he responded something like "I've been in worse I think"
So after he left I went in and checked...
My kids are pigs...that's all there is to say about that.

Flashforward a couple of weeks.
Dion comes over with Randy...
I am in the kitchen when Randy comes walking in from down the hall 
and he says to his Dad, 
"Debbie's bathroom isn't creepy.  You said it was creepy."

Of course I look at Dion with a smirk on my face
as he stammers and blushes
 saying how he would never say that and 
he doesn't even use the word creepy


So busted.

But seriously, my kids are pigs.
And I guess I will check it more often.

I don't want to be the one with the creepy bathroom.


  1. Hilarious! (I don't remember saying it was creepy. But Randy does tell the truth...)