Sunday, September 13, 2015


We didn't leave until 3 PM to drive to Albuquerque.
Frank and I do not stay up late most days so it made for a long day!
But overall it was a pleasant drive...
rain, clouds and a rainbow all at the same time

A lovely sunset

We stayed with my brother Daren and his family.
I hadn't ever seen his house, which he has lived in for over a decade, so it was high time I visited!


We went to Old Town Albuquerque with the whole group including my parents.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant that took FOREVER to bring our food.
But they put the BYU game on their tv so that made Daren feel better.
As you can see, my family was into the game.

After lunch we went back to my parents hotel where they finished watching the game
and probably scared a few people in the rooms around us with all the screaming and jumping around.


I got to see my old house...
I lived here during my high school years.
I was so tempted to ask for a tour from the current owners!
Unfortunately I never saw anyone home so I was thwarted.

We went for a hike at the top of Sandia.
It was a gorgeous day and so much fun.

and, of course,
the reason for the trip was the 50th anniversary of the Miesems.
Jennifer was my best friend in High School and I spent a lot of time at her house.
She lived just a couple of houses away on my street.
Her parents fed me, clothed me (a lot of clothes borrowing went on back then) and put up with me!
It was so great to see them as well as other neighbors from the street.

Jennifer and I

Mary and Ross Miesem
I love these folks!

and then it was time for the drive home.

the visit was too short but I am so glad I got to go!

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