Friday, September 4, 2015


Yes, it's a crazy picture of me cutting onions with goggles on.
But that's not the point.

Look at my shoulder...
See that kitchen towel there?
This is how I work in the kitchen.
I always have a towel over my shoulder.

I have no idea how or when it started but I can't work in the kitchen without a towel on my shoulder.

This morning I am doing a lot of laundry to get packed for my trip.
Yes, I'm still doing laundry and we leave today...
that's a problem we can discuss another time.

Anyway, I noticed that Carter had left a pile of his laundry on the counter so I grabbed it all up to take it to his room.
I put his stuff away in his closet and went about my business.

Quite awhile later I reached up to grab the towel on my shoulder...
and it was a pair of Carter's pajama pants.

I am so used to the weight of something on my shoulder
and also so used to slinging things over my shoulder
that I didn't even notice I had slung his pajamas over my shoulder!
I walked around for quite some time, cleaning and packing, before I even realized I was walking around with a big pair of flannel pants hanging off of me.

I'm so glad I didn't go out to check the mail or answer the door!

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