Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The neighbors at our new rental house have two little girls.
They are both very cute 
but the older girl is very outgoing and precocious.

Yesterday as I was painting in the living room, I could hear that something was going on outside,
but the house is right across the street from an elementary school
so there are often kids or parents walking along the sidewalk
so I didn't even look around at the noise.
Then I hear,
"Um helllooo"
So I turned around to see these two little girls standing at my door.

I went over and said Hi
The older girl told me all about herself and how her "bestest" friend used to live in this house.
The younger girl looked at my paint splotched shirt and said, "You are going to have to change your shirt."

They came by later in their dance clothes to show me that they are learning ballet.
I warned them to be careful since I was painting the front porch railing and it was wet.
The older girl said that she would definitely be careful because her tights were brand new!
As she said this, she used one foot to rub up and down her other show me the tights.
Sadly she was standing on a dirty sidewalk and got her new tights all messy...
When she noticed, she looked up at me (with a very sassy look on her face) and said, "You really need to clean up your house."

Today a workman arrived at the house and
the two girls arrived at the same moment with a friend in tow.
The workman thought they were my kids so he held the door open for them 
and they all trooped into my house.
The two girls said Hi and the little boy said,"I'm a stranger" as an introduction.
They wandered around my living room, into the bedrooms and kitchen.
I warned them to stay out of the basement where we were working.
The older girl asked if she could have a candy bar that she saw on the counter
but I had to tell her no since it was there in case Frank needed it for his blood sugar.

They went into the backyard and picked some raspberries and asked me to wash them.
I told them to take the berries home to wash them but that they were welcome to eat them.
A few minutes later the older girl returned to report that the berries were very delicious and it was the first time she had ever tried them.
She went and picked some more.

This kid is totally cracking me up!

Also, I have yet to meet her mom which I find a little odd since her kid is coming into my house and I am a total unknown to that mother.  
But it also makes me think it must be a nice little neighborhood if kids are used to wandering into each others' houses.
It's a good thing for that mom that I am a nice person and that I find her slightly pushy kids to be kind of adorable.

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