Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slum Lord

Back in the spring, Frank got the idea in his head that we should buy a rental property.
I thought it was a generally good idea and said that we should definitely do that and start saving now to do it in a year or so...maybe.
But when Frank wants to accomplish something, he does it.
He started figuring out how to gather the necessary down payment.
We lived frugally.
We looked at all of our expenses and figured out where we could get some extra cash.

And then he sold his beloved jeep.

That's when I knew he was serious.

We spent quite a few months looking and even made some offers on a few places.
It was kind of nerve wracking at times.
(For example, the run down condo that tested positive for meth)

But we have officially purchased a small rental property in the nearby college town.

Since we closed, we have been there from morning till night just about every day.
It is exhausting I can tell you!

We like to think of it as a cute little house that needs work.
I've hear rumors that some family members think it is more like a place that should be burned to the ground and start over.

Since that isn't an option, we are fixing it up.

and I'm sure I left something out.

We've got a long and tiring list of things to do.

But every day I cross a few more things off the list.

A couple of my siblings have made comments that we are becoming land barons or amassing our fortune in property and we always jokingly correct them
that we are fulfilling our dream of becoming slum lords.

Yes, it's a little bit on the rough side.
But it's ours and we hope to make it a humble but happy home for some lucky renter.

As soon as we finish working our butts off to get it ready.

I'm off to paint...

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  1. He sold his jeep?! How is he going to terrify you in Moab now? Seriously though, that's amazing. I'm still dreaming of the day we can buy a house period, but two? Awesome. I hope you'll show before and after shots!