Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Moab

Frank and I took another quick trip to Moab this last weekend.
Four Wheeling
look at this poor tree and where it chose to grow

Here are a couple of quotes from me during our trip:
"I don't want to do this! I don't want to do this! I don't want to do this!"
"I do not like this feeling!"
"Be careful!"

Here are a couple of quotes from Frank during our trip:
"Isn't this fun?!"
"You have to admit, that was fun!"
"This would be so fun after a rainstorm!"

I do have fun when we go four wheeling.
Really I do.

My fun, however is interspersed with moments of terror.
Frank is just having constant fun.

Well, when he goes alone, he is having constant fun...
when I go with him, he is probably having fun interspersed with moments of annoyance.
Just a guess.

It was a gorgeous day, however.
Perfect weather
Gorgeous blue sky

We went on some very cool trails
We climbed rocks
We went down steep hills
We had all kinds of dashboard lights go on
(not the best thing when you are in the middle of nowhere)
We got a little lost
We saw some gorgeous views
And we made it home safe and sound afterwards.

Some of the sights:

A smaller but awesome arch
(very good acoustics)

HUGE caves
It's hard to show just how big they were but I tried.
See how tiny frank is there standing by the cave entrance?

grazing cattle who looked super bored to be seeing us

Some old mining cabins built from railroad ties.
They didn't look like they'd be too comfortable in the winter...but have held up amazingly well over the years.

I learned that if I hold onto the handle in front of me and lean forward
rather than holding onto the handhold above me and leaning back
The handle that I gripped 90% of the time
then I will feel a lot less like I'm getting 
beaten up
and more like I'm on a roller coaster.
It was a good thing to learn.

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  1. I wouldn't be too excited about the dash lights on a brand new Jeep! But the rest of it looks super fun, especially the caves. You guys are fun. It seems like you're loving Utah.