Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random thoughts

I found a tube of some kind of hair product in my drawer.
Since my  hair currently looks like burned straw, I decided to try it.
After I squeezed a  big glop of it into my hand
I thought that maybe it was too much...
Maybe it was supposed to be pea sized or dime sized.
I read the directions and it said
"apply a precious amount"
A precious amount?
How much is that, anyway?
I put the glop in.
After scaring the crap out of my grand-daughter the last week  
by yelling in her presence,
(I wasn't mad.  The boys were moving my table and as they rammed it into the wall
I couldn't help but yell "don't hit the wall!")
she has completely shut me out.
Looks the other way
Won't let me pick her up
Cries and acts distressed if I get too close.
I have even bribed her with chocolate 
to no avail.
This has gone on for days and days.
Today...she let me pick her up.
I think she's starting to forgive me.

At some point she's going to have to learn that I'm just a loud person.
I am really enjoying having all these "kids" in my house.
Ryan is here
Nevin is here
Carter is here
Amber is here
Isabelle is here
Kaylee is here
Branden is sometimes here.
We all sit around in the living room and talk
or ignore each other as we each look at our phones
or watch tv together.
It's fun.
I can't wait for Austin to join us in December.
The other day I asked the boys to get the ladder and pick apples
because I'm sick of picking them up off the ground
(even though they have been helping with that a lot too).
Nevin got up in the tree and shook it like mad
and the apples fell like rain.
It was awesome.

My printer has not worked since we moved.
I've tried all kinds of remedies that I've found online
and nothing is working.
But I have several cartridges of ink!
Do I just go buy the same printer again?
I failed to grocery shop on saturday
even though I really really meant to.
Today I told Frank that I was planning to make french toast for lunch...
He went home from church before me and kept sending texts about our lack of food:
"You'll need to bake a loaf of bread"
"You'll need to borrow some eggs too"
"no milk"
but then...
"We have bacon!"


I think I know what I'm doing first thing tomorrow.
I'm in the middle of refinishing a dining room table.
Refinishing is WAY harder than painting.
I'm seriously sick of sanding.
Am I the only one who looks at the Pottery Barn catalog
and mentally adds up their Christmas tree or Table settings?
That darn tree would cost 5 bajillion dollars!


  1. Your life is so entertaining!

  2. I add up pottery barn stuff all the time. Stupid pottery barn.

    There's got to be a printer repair place somewhere that would be cheaper than a new printer, right?