Tuesday, November 25, 2014

100 Things 2014

I'm doing things a little differently for 2014.
I'm planning to write 8-10 things each month throughout the year until I have 100 things that I'm thankful for.
That way, I'll get a more realistic view of the things I felt thankful for all year long instead of trying to remember January and February in November!

They are in no particular order, as usual.

  1. Snow Days
  2. A warm, heated house
  3. My new Macbook!
  4. All the smart people on the internet who have already written about any problem I might have and how to fix it.
  5. Snowflakes on a window so I can see each one individually.  Amazing.
  6. A working heater (it broke several times this winter so when it's working I am much more thankful now!)
  7. home made bread
  8. Pinterest recipes
  9. Botox (for headaches!)
  10. Upholstery class
  11. No traffic when I have to drive to Boston
  12. Boston Public Library online membership
  13. Netflix
  14. water in the door of the fridge
  15. My trash compactor.  I love that thing more than is healthy.
  16. Scratch cake
  17. motivational posts on Facebook from my friend Jennifer.  I'm sure they'll kick in soon...
  18. My remote car starter.
  19. compliments
  20. See's (obviously)
  21. bluegrass
  22. a snappy tune downloaded from iTunes
  23. the smell of rain
  24. those first days of spring when it's finally finally warm
  25. lotion on dry hands
  26. a pedicure
  27. time spent with my siblings. I love them and they are funny
  28. My nieces and nephews
  29. understanding Landlord(s)...really landladies but I don't know if that's a word
  30. Dark chocolate covered coconut from Costco
  31. Costco-let's be real, we love the samples
  32. texts from my kids
  33. Gorgeous blue Caribbean water
  34. All expenses paid trips to beautiful locations :-)
  35. Lazy Sunday afternoons
  36. being friends with artistic people
  37. small town parades
  38. craigslist
  39. the fact that my son is humming Christmas carols as I type this (in May)
  40. AAA
  41. my magnets that say "student driver" for when Carter drives (unrelated to #40 BTW)
  42. violin lessons
  43. wearing short sleeves outside for the first time
  44. Popchips salt and pepper (when I can find them)
  45. Carter's new drum sticks (he's drumming way more now...it's on my furniture...but, still good)
  46. Helpful things that fit into cup holders
  47. UPS-its always fun to get a package! even when it turns out to be your husband's meds, you get a momentary thrill when the UPS truck drives up :-)
  48. A reliable car for road trips
  49. National Parks
  50. "free" breakfast at hotels
  51. 80 MPH speed limits
  52. windmills
  53. Buffalo (bison)
  54. interesting park rangers
  55. sleeping in your own bed
  56. GPS
  57. throw blankets
  58. finally, finally finding a comfortable bra (edited-it didn't last...but I enjoyed it for the little while that it was comfortable. sigh)
  59. Hugs from my brother and hearing him say "I'm glad you're in Utah"
  60. excedrin
  61. holding a sleeping grand baby
  62. seeing Isabelle take some of her first steps! (missed the very first ones)
  63. clouds over the mountains
  64. rides into the canyon
  65. cool evenings on the porch with no mosquitoes
  66. the neighbor's chickens.  They come up to the fence when we are outside and they are pretty funny creatures.
  67. Lunch with my parents
  68. Canning
  69. Have I mentioned Peaches?  Because, oh my gosh, PEACHES!
  70. Having Isabelle hold her arms out for me to pick her up. melt.
  71. Home Depot less than 2 miles away.
  72. My striped wall
  73. Having Nevin living here...he's a fun addition :-)
  74. Etsy
  75. KSL/craigslist
  76. An understanding husband
  77. advil
  78. ceiling fans in the bedroom at night
  79. alone time
  80. "believing Christ"
  81. My kids. Heartbreak, love, happiness, tears...they bring it all.  I love them dearly.
  82. Oregon Coast
  83. Texts, emails and/or calls from long distance friends
  84. Beautiful fall weather
  85. Fall foliage
  86. lunch with Mom and Dad
  87. google docs
  88. that we sold the Acura!
  89. having a husband who can fix things
  90. amazing sunsets
  91. having such nice neighbors right downstairs :-)
  92. shopping for baby/toddler stuff for Christmas
  93. Buying girl clothes
  94. Gilmore girls
  95. electric sanders
  96. when one of my kids makes a good decision
  97. overhearing one of my kids saying something nice about me.
  98. Tons of family here for Thanksgiving!
  99. snuggling on the couch with a warm blanket, a good show and a sweet hubby
  100. My family

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