Friday, November 14, 2014

The table is done

Well, the table is finished!
It feels like it took forever...but really it wasn't that bad.

Amber helped me with it a lot.
I would sand and sand and sand until I couldn't take it anymore.
And then Amber would come and sand
and she would make so much more progress than me!

She did the majority of the staining too.

Between the two of us, we actually finished.
and I think it looks great.

I wish I had a good "before" picture.
But you can see it here on the edge of this picture:
It was beat up.
And had a thick layer of stain and poly
making it almost completely lacking in visible woodgrain.

A few "during" pictures:

I wish I had taken pictures of the mess we made with sanders and sandpaper
and junk all around the back porch.

I would sit out there, surrounded by sanding stuff,
and watch Gilmore Girls on Netlix.
Good times.

Then it got cold.
I had to bring it inside for the final coats of poly.

This picture is the most true to the actual color of the table...

And, the "after"!

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  1. WOW!!!! Holy cow it looks seriously amazing! And I have to say again that I really love those chairs.