Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winner's Circle 2014

Vacation Number 2: all in one big post

Frank was informed on April 1st that he had won a couple of awards at work.
One was called the President's award
and the other was a "Winner's Circle" award.

I didn't know what either one was at the time.
But way to go Frank!

It turns out that the Winner's Circle
is for the sales people who make or exceed their goals for the entire year.
And it is a trip to some wonderful location, all expenses paid.
Frank isn't usually even qualified to be in the running for this award because he is in Business Development, not directly "sales".
But they wanted to show him they were thankful for all his hard work and success this last year
so they made him a "special recognition" winner.

To quote his boss, describing the meeting where they decide the winners:
"We said who, regardless of job title, deserves to be here.  And we all said Frank Hill."

It was amazing.
First of all, wrap your head around all expenses paid.
They even paid the tips!
We literally didn't have to spend a dime.

That is so cool.

We stayed at the Gran Velas Resort which is located in the Riviera Maya area.
It is a five star resort and it was amazing.
Here is the entrance:
(photo stolen from the internet)

The rooms were fabulous and huge.
Big TV that swiveled toward the couch or bed 
(cool, but not that necessary when right by a beach)
private balcony with relaxing furniture and private pool
Super nice feather pillows
(I always find hotel pillows lacking in the comfort department, but not here!)

Internet version of room:
Our room:
(we always make a mess right away)

Every day we had the opportunity to do something fun 
Day1: big, gorgeous buffet on the beach with the other Winner's Circle folks
Day 2: choice of outings.  We chose to go to Rio Secreto, an underground river hike
It was really cool! We loved it.
That evening we all went to dinner together in Playa del Carmen and did a little shopping
Day 3: Everyone together went to Tulum (Mayan ruins) and then to another place (forgot the name) for zipline, swimming and lunch
Day 4: Another choice of outings.  We originally chose swimming with sea turtles but everyone was telling us how amazing the spa was so we changed to a spa day
The last night was an AMAZING dinner, live band, dancing and awards

Our view:

Upon arrival we got this beach bag with goodies inside:

Every night when they would turn down our bed (yes, with chocolates on the pillow)
We received a gift!

I can't find the picture of day 1
It was a variety of chocolate bars and a variety of vanillas

Day 2:
a special mayan liquor
cool glasses
and a tray to set them on

Day 3:
A book about Mayans.  
Very cool and beautiful book.

Here we are relaxing in hammocks after our hike in the underground river:

 Walking along the streets of Playa del Carmen:

The spa!
Oh wow, it was beautiful!
We each went through what is called the "Water Journey"
a very unusual and a neat experience...lots of different rooms alternating hot and cold water treatments
sauna, ice room, mud room, steam room etc
followed by these amazing pools that you see here with jets of different types
lastly a soak in the hot tub followed by a quick dip in the cold tub!
I loved it.
We also each got a one hour massage.

The massage room:

The last night's dinner was so gorgeous!

Here is the CEO of the company as he gives the awards.
They had a photographer there so I assume we'll get some good shots of the night in addition to my phone shots.

 Even though I was not super excited to go, since I felt like I'd been gone from home too much
I will admit it was an amazing amazing time.
I had a hard time leaving!


  1. Wow does not even cover this! Dave is working in the wrong field apparently. He would never get something like this! Congratulations Frank! That spa and massage sounds amazing, but I'm not sure I would ever leave that heaven room! What an incredible experience. Filing his away in my to-visit someday file.