Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Well, that was fun

I just got home from an wonderful evening in the local ER
I had the joy of experiencing my second ever kidney stone.
I hope it was my last.

My first was this last Christmas
on the day after Christmas
while we were vacationing in Oregon.

I don't recommend the experience.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful neighbor and friend who was willing to drop everything and take me to the hospital.

I am so grateful for modern pain medications!

The pain of a kidney stone is just...unbearable.

I make noises, cry, moan, throw up, get on all fours in the hospital hallway 
and basically make a fool of myself
without caring one darn bit.

My good friend laughed at me several times.
I still love her.
She managed to make me crack a smile a time or two with her stories and attempts at distracting me.

She even sent a text to my kids
at my request
(once the medicine had started to kick in)

Here is what I said to my children, through her:

Your mother is in the ER with a kidney stone in horrible pain!
It reminds her of labor!
If she does not get a Mother's Day card for the pain you have given her over your lifetime
she will write you out of the will and cry all night long.

I am nothing if not subtle.
But, in my defense, I was on narcotics at the time.

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! My boss at work was just telling me about his kidney stones (and he's a big, tough guy) and that he cried and threw up from the pain. He was happy to hear when I told him that you said it felt like labor because he's been saying that for years and no woman ever believes him. ha! I hope you're feeling better now.