Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A song stuck in my head

Carter has been listening to classical music lately.
As we were talking about it, I was reminded of some tapes that we used to listen to in the car when he was little.
One side had the classical music played by an orchestra
and the other side had the same music but with kid friendly lyrics being sung to the classical music.
The idea was to introduce classical music in a fun way for small children.

We all loved these tapes and listened to them often.

Carter couldn't quite remember them but he has that sort of fuzzy memory of them
that you get when you do something when you are really small.

But I had a favorite one.

We sang it all the time!
We played it over and over and over trying to sing all the words just right.

And as I was talking to Carter I couldn't quite pull those lyrics up into my brain.

I started googling.
I couldn't remember the exact name of the tapes so I was just googling
"kid friendly classical music"
"classical music with lyrics"
and even a few of the lyrics I actually remembered.
There are some things out there, but none of them were my tapes.

I went to bed last night and apparently in my sleep, my brain was working on this problem.

I woke up at about 1:30 with the words and music running through my head.
Not all of it, but a good portion.
I tried to sleep but couldn't.
The dang song was just running on repeat through my head!

So I got up and started writing it down.

I slept again.

I woke with more words.

I wrote them down.

By morning, I had remembered the entire song!
A few words might be wrong here or there
but I definitely have the gist of the song.

I still don't remember the name of the song
but it is sung to the tune of 
Johann Strauss' Radetzky-Marsch

I present to you
The Lyrics:
(feel free to sing along using the attached Youtube video)
Don't start singing until after the intro

Here's a tale I will tell if you listen well
of a boat thats afloat on a castle moat
and upon that boat
was a billy goat
in a grey overcoat

Did I mention
that the goat in the boat had a one page note
In the coat was a note that his mother wrote
and upon that note
she wrote
all the following that I will quote

What I bring to the king is a diamond ring
and the ring that I bring is for marrying
My son to your daughter
crossed over the water, long we have sought her
your lovely daughter
Oh king take this ring that we gladly bring
and all of the people will dance and they'll shout and they'll sing!

The King heard the goat in the overcoat
on a boat that's afloat in the castle moat
and the king cleared his throat...
...and he said...
 I'm afraid I must say that the goat can't stay
Then the king told the goat he must sail away
And the reason why
He did...
Little Billy Goat was just a KID!

Now you've heard every word
and my tales complete
every word that you heard
you must now repeat.
Hope you listened through, 'cause it's up to you
Do the very best that you can do!

The lyrics fit the first minute or so of the song
And I know there is something missing in the part about the King.

I guess I better sleep on it!

I had a fun time singing this with my kids all those years ago!

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