Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life. It's funny.

I have a little sister who was born when I was almost 16.
So she was very little when I moved out.
And all of the other kids moved out while she was pretty young...

so her life was very different from the life that the rest of us led.

"Her" parents had more money than "my" parents ever did.
Her parents were way more relaxed.
She got to go on vacations.
She got a car when she got her license.
When she grew up, she got a real wedding dress and reception.

I was a young mom and poor as can be when she was growing up
and having what I considered to be a pretty charmed existence.

And I admit
I was jealous.
I was annoyed.

I still felt like a kid in my heart
and I wanted some of the good stuff she was getting.

I knew I was being immature.
and I had to let it go.
I was a grown up and had to accept that and the responsibility that went with it.

But it was hard.
Jealousy snuck up on me occasionally.
(I mean, obviously, since I mentioned her wedding dress!)


I am that relaxed parent of a lone "last in the family" kid.
We have more money than when the other kids were young.
We go on vacations.
He will get a car when he drives because I am sick of driving kids around!

And my older kids don't say much
but they do occasionally say something about Carter being the "favorite" kid.
So what I'm hearing is that they are feeling what I was feeling.

I feel bad about it.

But its just how life is.
I can't change the birth order or span of years between the kids.

So I'm feeling bad for all those jealous feelings I had when I was younger.
And I'm feeling bad that my kids are probably feeling those same things on occasion now.

I can't change it really but it strikes me as funny on occasion.


  1. I know another person who felt just the same way you did! But really, us youngest children cannot help being the favorite. It's not our fault! Heh. I kid. But seriously I know what you mean. I didn't get any spectacular vacations when I was the last kid at home but I did have a car to myself and ridiculous amounts of freedom in high school that I know Alice didn't have.

  2. David always asks: "Where are the pictures of me? Didn't I exist then?"

    1. That's so funny! Poor is never fair.