Friday, May 16, 2014

NYC with Chelsie

I just got back from a quick two day trip to NYC with my niece.
Thanks to my husband and his hotel points, we were able to stay overnight in a Marriott Hotel.
So we could party for two whole days!

(Mormon version of "party", of course)

We talked about food (a lot) and all the delicious things we would eat
but in reality, we didn't eat much.
We were too busy walking to this and that
and seeing this and that
and since it was Chelsie's first time, I wanted her to eat what she wanted to eat
so she had to make decisions
which she doesn't like to do
so in the end...
we surprised ourselves with not eating that much.

Next time we'll do that differently I think.

Our hotel was a residence inn, so it was geared more towards the business traveler I think.
But all we really needed was a place to sleep, so it worked.
Good thing we weren't there for an amazing view
They did have a free breakfast buffet, so that was good!

Here's a list of the things we did:
Went to the 9/11 memorial.  Very moving and beautiful memorial.
The museum opens next week.  Sheesh! Bad timing.  Now I have to go back...

Walked around Times Square

Walked around Battery Park and saw the Statue of Liberty, but didn't take the boat out.
next time...

Went to Laduree since we were told we had to try their Macarons
Rode in a bike taxi
Saw two plays on Broadway
The New Les Miserables

They were both great!
I have seen Les Mis several times but this one has all new, different sets and is done a bit differently than the previous version.  

I never get tired of that show...the songs and voices are just amazing.
We had amazing seats, too.
Went to a variety of stores including FAO Schwartz
Went to Central Park

Walked through St Patricks Cathedral
(currently undergoing a massive preservation/reconstruction)
Visited the Manhattan LDS Temple

where I managed to offend the guy at the entrance
(what do I call him? a guard?)
He gave me a talking to.
We left briskly and only later on the bus was I able to think of some good responses that would have made him feel bad for being so mean to me.
story of my life.

Rockefeller Center

We saw the sights!

Chelsie got this picture for her little brother.

Chelsie got this picture for herself.

We took the subway most places but did a lot of walking.

My lame left knee was cursing me badly.

And then, in a flash, it was over...time to go home.
I had a great time and hopefully Chelsie did too.

I'm ready to go back!


  1. Pretty sure the only reason to go anywhere is the food, how could you not eat?? Looks super fun, and very pretty pictures! Sorry about your knee though.

  2. The second day I actually got a headache because we waited too long to eat! Weird. I wanted her to pick the restaurants so that she wasn't disappointed and I also didn't want to look like a pig. I mean, have you seen her? she's tiny! The pressure...