Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where I randomly complain

Packing is not a fun thing.
I need to get things packed up!
But we are still using our stuff.
If I wait until we are about to move then I'll have too much to do with too little time.
What a conundrum.

I am having a lot of trouble with pain.
It's doing me in.
I had high hopes for a positive Lyme test
(yes, you read that right)
but nope.
So why am I in pain?

I still have a kidney stone just waiting to come out and hurt me.
I'm scared of it.

My recently purchased fat jeans don't fit anymore.
You'd think this would be enough to entice me to go to the gym
or stop eating
But, when I wake up in pain, all plans go out the window.

It's a lose/lose situation.
or gain...whatever.
You know what I mean.

I'm starting the whole "posting things to craigslist" thing.

I bought a dryer for my new house and the door opens sideways rather than up and down.
I really like that little table the door forms when it opens down...
easier to load the dryer.
That's what I get for buying online and long distance.

I recently had my memory tested.
The results are:
I have a bad memory!
Wait, I knew that.

Funny story (not really a complaint):

We had the Apple Blossom festival this weekend.  
Carter marched with the band as usual.  
I really wanted to get a picture since it will be his last one before we move so I got there early, camera in hand and was watching carefully.... and never saw him!  
How do I miss my own kid playing the drums?  
So I actually ran ahead and tried to look for him again.  
I went to the end of the parade and as they came around the corner, there he is with his drums.  
I could not figure out how I missed him.
He told me he was watching me run around and look for him and wondering why I was such a goof. 
(I don't think he used the word goof but I can't remember his actual word...
see previous item re: memory)
Then after more questioning he admitted that he switched with someone and was actually walking backwards in front of the drum line when I was looking for him. Not playing a drum! 
I’m not going crazy.  
And it turns out I got a picture of him, accidentally!  
There he is walking backwards. 
(He's the backwards one on the left of the picture) 
You can barely tell its him but I take what I can get.


I am the QUEEN of little notebooks.
As I open drawers and pack random things I am finding little notebooks everywhere.
filled with lists, random thoughts, plans, goals, journal entries, diet logs
you name it, I have written it in a tiny notebook and then promptly put it in a drawer and forgotten about it.


Ok I'm done.
for now


  1. have you been checked for lupus? because you sound a lot like me!

    1. I have been tested for Lupus. Negative. I've been tested for just about everything!

  2. Find a good Doctor of Oriental Medicine, preferably one that's from China. I've had such good luck with a wonderful Chinese doctor here. She's diagnosed and treated me for 5+ years now.

  3. I love your honesty Deb! Sorry you are in pain. Hope you find some answers.

  4. The pain thing is weird! I wonder what it could be? I'm so sorry!

    I wish I had a dryer that opened top to bottom so I could stop dropping clean clothes on my dog hair gross laundry room floor.

    Just pack it all up! If you need it borrow it from a friend.