Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Digs

I finally have the main floor of the house organized enough to take pictures!
When I say organized enough that means you will likely see tools, picture frames, random curtains (not on rods) and various other things lying about.
But you will just have to trust me that this is an improvement.

Something to keep in mind:
I took all of these pictures with my phone and I'm too lazy to fix the colors/lighting

Off we go:

Here is the view standing at my front door.
To the left is the kitchen
Ahead and left is the living room and Sun room
Ahead and right is the dining room and bathroom
To the right there are staircases heading up to bedrooms and down to basement

 Ta Da!  The stairs

The kitchen
Colors are off here but it has cherry cabinets and Terra Cotta walls

I love:
the big deep sink
the trash compactor
how pretty the appliances are

I don't love:
the dishwasher is WAY smaller than my previous one.  I'm still figuring out how to load it.
Smooth top stove.  I think they are a pain.
Microwave is very wimpy with no turntable. 

And I know you are loving my fabulous table!

Living room:
I managed to fit all of my furniture but it's tight.
I hope it doesn't look overwhelming but it'll have to do for now either way.

Sun room (right off the living room)

I managed to fit two very important things. 
1-my yellow phone
2-my turquoise frog

Dining Room
It has the look of an Easter Egg basically.
Purple walls, blue cabinet, white cabinet
But it's a big room with a nice window that opens to a deck.
It'll be great in the spring, summer and fall when we BBQ
(this is obviously where the tools are being kept for now)

Yes, more purple.
with blue
I live in an Easter Egg
and you are going to ask "Can't you paint?"
the answer is yes I can
But I don't know if I want to.
I may decide it's worth it but for now I'm living with the lavender.

That's your tour for now.
I hope to show you the bedrooms someday but glancing at how Carter's looks right now...
It'll be awhile.


  1. Very nice, I have one question, where's the red desk/secretary?

  2. It looks really comfortable and sunny - lots of natural light. Nice!

  3. It looks perfect! I love the sunniness. And you have terrific furniture.