Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For a good cause

Today I am packing up and shipping off my wedding dress.

It is going to Frank's mom's house where she will transform it from a dated 80's wedding dress to a lovely little blessing dress for my granddaughter.
I am excited about this idea!

I loved my dress.

It wasn't an expensive dress, as a matter of fact it was made by a fashion design student at BYU.
It was her final exam.
I brought her a sketch and she made the pattern, fitted me and sewed the dress.
I think it cost me around $100 plus materials.
The perfect price for a starving student.

And since I have no daughters to use it in any way,
and since it is an 80's style dress and no one would want to use it even if I did have a daughter,
I am glad I've found a way for it to live on.


  1. I love this idea Debbie. BTW is this your new blog?

  2. That's such a cute Idea! I hope you don't mind parting with it too much! We are going to have to frame this dress :) I am excited because I don't really have anything special like that from my childhood, but now my daughter will have a dress made by her great grandma from the dress of her grandma! yay!