Friday, January 4, 2013

Birthday eve

I told Frank that what I want for my birthday is to be out of the old house!

I'm seriously, seriously tired of moving.  
Now I know why movers cost so much...their job stinks.
So tomorrow morning, assuming he feels good, we are going to attack it for what I hope will be one last time.
Then if I'm not too tired after all that, maybe we'll go see Les Miserables. 
Most likely I'll be exhausted and we'll veg on the couch before going to bed early!
the life of a 46 year old...

I did get one birthday gift already and here it is:

the cutest suitcase ever!
I will never stand at the luggage return again and wonder which black suitcase is mine!
I hope to use it later this year when Frank and I go on a trip to celebrate his one year mark since the transplant!
And I will also use it when I go to meet my new granddaughter.
Fun stuff coming up in my life this year


  1. Happy Birthday Debbie!! Hope its a great weekend & Love that new suitcase, travelling in great style now.

  2. Happy Birthday Deb! I have been thinking of you all say and I hope that this year turns out to be one of the best ever :)

  3. That IS a cute suitcase! Where did you find it?