Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013

I am writing this post from the living room of my new abode.  I am not all moved in, but we are living here now.  The old house has piles and piles of stuff from the closets and attic all lined up by the doors just waiting for me (or someone else helpful) to load it up and bring it over here.  Too bad I am perfectly happy with the amount of stuff we have here now and have no desire to bring anything else over...

Frank is currently upstairs feeling like death.  He got food poisoning from his deli sandwich at lunch and has been sick as a dog for hours now.  He's trying to sip juice so that his blood sugar doesn't tank (causing us to have to go to the emergency room).  But so far it's not going so well.  It might be a long night for both of us.

I spent the morning, along with some helpful church friends, making the aforementioned piles of stuff in the other house.  Then I hauled one load over before Frank got sick.

I really like the new place and once its organized, I think we'll be very happy here.
I ordered curtains today which was fun/nerve wracking.  We got a budget from the owners to do it with so I was trying to make myself happy while staying in budget.  Not as easy as you might think.

Saturday is my birthday.  I think my birthday will forever more be remembered for me as the day we found out that Frank had cancer.  So, in only 2 days we will be celebrating (?) the one year anniversary of stupid cancer invading our lives.  Thankfully, other than the current food poisoning issue, Frank is doing well and feels good.

I am grateful to have him alive and here with me each and every day.

Ok, well... time to go check on him now.

Happy New Year to one and all.  May 2013 be better than 2012 because,  honestly,  2012 kinda sucked.


  1. Happy New Year Deb! Hope Frank is on the mend. And I agree, 2012 kinda sucked- I hear a lot of people saying that- hopefully '13 is a better one for all of us!

  2. Happy New Year! I'm excited for this year to be a better one for you guys. I hope you have a terrific birthday with no sad thoughts for the past, you deserve it. I want to see your curtains!

  3. (also I hope Frank didn't have to go to the ER)

  4. How's Frank?? I live in fear of food poisoning and the stomach flu for James! I wanna know more about this new place! Are you renting it? What's the dealio!!??