Sunday, January 6, 2013

Forty Six

Here is what I did on my birthday:
got up and did not shower since I knew we'd be working all day
went and loaded up the trailer and van with all kinds of crap from the old house
(I don't know why I would want to keep any of it, but we keep schlepping it over here)
came back and unloaded
went and loaded up the trailer and van with even more crap
came back and unloaded
Ate lunch at Five Guys (my choice)
I like that place way too much.
went back and forth on whether or not to see a movie and ended up going home
Opened presents
A new novel from my in-laws!
Jewelry from my parents!
The suitcase I already knew I was getting!
Frank worked on making me a cherry pie while I sat on the couch and read my new book.
Did some vacuuming and put down the throw rug in the sun room.  
Tons of dead bugs in there.
complained about having a broken vacuum.
Ate cherry pie
Decided we should probably eat dinner
Frank and Carter went out and got lettuce wraps, my fave!
Ordered a new vacuum online!
another present I guess :-)
Watched "An Affair to Remember" on tv...missed the first half or so.
Frank and Carter barely survived the movie and mocked it a few times until I gave them dirty looks and reminded them it was my birthday.
Ate more cherry pie.
Went to sleep.

Yep, the whole day went by and I never showered.
But it was a good birthday overall.
Did not meet the goal of getting completely out of the house 
but I think realistically we only have one more load!

PS this birthday was WAY better than last year. :-P


  1. Pie saves all. I made pie Saturday night too, I wish I had a birthday excuse. happy birthday!!