Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Today I finally, finally finished moving out of my house.
Everyone keeps saying that it must be bitter sweet to move out of our lovely house of 8 years.
But the process of moving took so long and so much energy that I am just relieved it's over.
I'm ready for a new chapter.
Maybe this last year made me less attached to my "stuff"
I definitely think that's part of it.

But I do have fond feelings for the house and all the memories we had there.
I did one last walk through and took some pictures of the empty rooms as a way of saying goodbye.

Please notice how clean that garage is!  Carter and I did a fabulous job, if I do say so myself.

 the basement

 My scrapbook room in the basement.

The spacious kitchen.  It has it quirks but it served us very well!
and I still love the color...

My living room.
The only thing I'm sad to leave behind is my curtains!

 The "mud room" coming into the house from the garage.

Frank's office for years, and later Austin's room.

Carter's room
(the first time we let one of our kids pick their own paint color)

My ex-scrapbook room which became a guest room.

Master bedroom.
This room has been pink (previous owners),  beige, brown and finally blue.

the long, skinny master closet.

The "big room"
We loved this room and used it well.
We left the carpet and pool table for the new owners.

the back deck and yard.
Never got tired of that view.

Good bye wonderful house!
I loved you while I had you.


  1. Awwww....that's sweet! Now I'm excited to see photos of your new house!

  2. That is such a gorgeous house. I love everything about it. I really like your forest too, I bet it was so pretty as a backdrop for the wedding reception. I hope you make lots of good memories in your new place too! (also, that CLOSET! WOW!)