Friday, January 18, 2013


I have a thing for throw blankets.
I really love a good, soft throw.
I have a lovely blue one in my living room (well, previously my living my sun room)
It is super soft and light weight.

I have a bunch of red ones for watching tv.
I got enough for everyone to have their own
Of course that was back when there were 4 kids and 2 adults all watching tv together.

I have a beige one for the guest bed.
That no longer exists in this new house.

I have a few miscellaneous ones in the closet:
2 or 3 from the High School...seniors get them at graduation but none of my kids took theirs to college
one with some sort of logo that makes me think Frank got it at a work event

Now that we are down to 3 people at home I just don't need all these blankets
I mean, just the "tv blankets" alone are too much!

But as I walked around Target the other day I saw
*on the clearance rack*
these sweater blankets.
Cute, comfy, soft and all cable-knitty

I wanted one so bad.

But I didn't get one because, well, all those red ones all over the place for one thing.

I keep thinking about it though.
it's calling to me.


  1. I need throws!! I've been dying to get some good ones. Have favorite brands? Or want to send me your extras? :)

  2. GET IT and donate the other ones to a homeless shelter!

  3. I like blankets too. A lot! After a move is always when it's easiest for me to refrain from buying something like that though. I get so tired of all the "stuff", especially after packing and unpacking.