Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's talk about Martha's Vineyard

So, Martha's Vineyard.
We had a really good time.
Even though we took our 13 year old son on our anniversary trip.
But we are kind of into doing the family thing these days.
And we already decided that we are going to have a few days of Frank and Me time on Frank's 100 day mark because Carter will be gone to a 3 day church thing anyway. 

How about some pictures?
(be forewarned: I was in serious need of a dye job at this time so I will be looking as old as old can be in these pictures.  Deal with it)

Here we are on the ferry going to the Island.
It was hard getting a decent picture.  I was kinda seasick. And the boat was very rocky. And my pictures were all blurry.  But I was determined to get one.  We were lucky and the boat was not crowded at all!

The first thing we did was rent bicycles.  That's how we got around for the most part.
The second thing we did was ride our bikes to the grocery store and get food because, as you well know, Frank isn't supposed to eat out.

We biked all over the place.  To the town over, to the store, to the name it.  Frank and I were wishing we'd brought our bike shorts!  Carter was smoking us and riding way ahead most of the time, thinking we were old fogies. (In that last picture I hit a bump after taking the picture with my phone, while riding, and dropped it!  Luckily it didn't break and Frank picked it up as he passed by it.  He did scold me though) haha

Here we are relaxing on the beach.
yes, fully clothed.
That's how we roll.

Frank is actually supposed to stay out of the sun so he kept a jacket on most of the time (he's usually cold anyway).  I did take my tennis shoes off though...

More about our trip tomorrow...or later today...I'll surprise you!


  1. It looks so nice! I'm more of a "wear clothes on the beach" type too. Beaches are cold! I would love to go there some day, can you take me next time?

  2. Come on out! I'll take you.

  3. The place with the bracelets wasn't close so we can go there too...