Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Away Anyway

Well, we decided to get away for the anniversary anyway.
We're living on the edge these days...
Of course its a little unusual for an anniversary getaway in a few ways.
For one, we are taking our kid.
For another, there will be no eating out.
We'll be hitting a grocery store right away and stocking up on "Frank Friendly Food"

We got lucky and found an amazing deal on a hotel room on (in?) Martha's Vineyard for the weekend.
It just got remodeled and even though the whole island is basically sold out because of the holiday weekend, this room was just finished and came on the market one hour before we called.
Oh yeah! It was meant to be.
No one has stayed in this room yet!
Germ free!
And unbelievably cheap because it's a studio...and I don't know why else (because it really is cheap)
...maybe we are on the bad side of there a bad side of town in Martha's Vineyard?

So we are going to ride bikes.
Cook our own food.
Try to avoid crowds on the busiest weekend in the world.
And just hang out as a little family.

We are excited.

Happy Anniversary to us.

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