Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking back

I've spent a bit of time lately looking at past blog posts.
I'm putting the last couple of year's worth of blogs into books and having them printed.  I try to do this every year, as it acts as a journal of sorts for me, but I got behind.
So I decided yesterday to finish up the ones I had not done.  This means a lot of proofreading and moving pictures around.  I end up re-reading blogs and I'm always so happy that I have the memories and to be able to read the things that I wrote down.
More than once I've read something and thought, "I wrote that? Wow."
Because, you know, sometimes I get deep.

This year I haven't been as good about blogging.
Yes I have a good excuse and all that but if there were ever a year to remember the "little" things, I think this would be it!
I'm making a separate book with Frank's story in it but even in that book, I haven't really written a lot of day to day stuff necessarily.
I've saved all of the "helping hands" emails and written an occasional separate entry.  
That's about it.

So, I need to put blogging back on my list of things to do more regularly.
I used to have something happen to me, even just a small thing, and think "Oh I should blog about that"
I haven't done that in awhile.

But those are the blogs I love to read the most now!
The little stories that I would never in a million years remember if I hadn't blogged them.
Blogging also helps me take more pictures.
I've been bad about that too lately.

I don't want to let a busy and sometimes stressful life rob me of those fun, funny and tender daily moments
and of remembering them!
Heaven knows (and everyone who spends any amount of time with me) that my memory is, well, unreliable.

Like a steel trap.  Rusty. and full of holes.

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  1. I've never done a blurb book but I do love going back to read old posts. Seriously, I would NEVER remember this stuff.