Friday, June 22, 2012


I've told a few stories about Frank lately that are pretty funny and it occurred to me that I should write them down so I don't forget them.  So here is one:

Frank and the Cold Cuts

Frank went to the grocery store for a few supplies (yes, sort of against the rules but he went during off-peak hours so he's trying to be safe).  He had a list of food items that he wanted because I never seem to get the right things and he can't think of what he wants when I'm making my list.
One of his items was lunch meat so that he could make a sandwich.
He can't have anything from the deli though so he has to buy packaged meat.
I made a point of telling him to buy "packaged sandwich meat".
He returns from the store and I am helping him unload the car and I pick up a grocery bag that is literally full of little packages of deli meat!
"Uh, Frank what are all these packages of deli meat?"
"yeah, I got myself some meat for sandwiches"
"But you can't have anything from the deli"

"I looked at the packaged meat and it is like $52 a pound! and they have the same thing for 5.99 a pound at the deli"
"Yeah, but you can't eat anything from the deli"
"Well, I kinda forgot about that"
"It doesn't save us much money to buy it cheaper at the deli if we can't eat it"

...he sulks...

So not only did he buy a TON of deli meat, he only bought weird meats that only he likes!  No ham or turkey that the rest of us will happily stick on a sandwich, it was a bunch of salami and hot stuff that is just sitting and rotting in the refrigerator because for some reason I can't bring myself to throw away perfectly good meat.


  1. Made my day to open your blog and read three posts!

  2. Send it my way! Dave would die for salami but I refuse to buy it. So expensive!