Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Six Word Love Stories

I came across a blog about Six Word Love stories this morning when I woke up super early and couldn't go back to sleep.
You can go here to read it.

It's actually a blog I like about decorating and such but that happened to be what they talked about this particular morning.  
And I loved it.

So I spent a few minutes writing a few Six Word Love Stories of my own.
Here are a few SWLS that describe Frank and I:

Cute guy. Mythology class. Girl smitten.
Striped pants. Library lies. We fell.
"We should study together"....or not.
Survived midnight parent meeting.  It's love.
Two legged tables. Brick couch. Newlyweds.
Pregnant? boom boom boom. Little family.
boys, toys, noise. Happy in Portland.
paint, fix, repair. Making a home.
Moving across the country. Anything together.
Boy #4. We make cute ones.
Tropical your romantic side.
Project people. Always fixing something. Together.
Cancer...  Love is stronger. 24 years.

How about you?
You should write some!
They are fun.

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  1. Those ARE fun! I am too long winded to keep it to 6. Here's my best effort: "We watch TV and we sleep."