Monday, June 18, 2012

Carter had a birthday, shout hooray!

Carter turned 14 awhile back.
Yes, it's been like 2 weeks...I'm not that quick with the blogging these days, I know.

I may have mentioned that Carter came to the realization some time ago that he doesn't actually like big birthday parties, or big parties of any kind.
Funny kid.
You see, he had a bunch of friends over one time and he was totally stressed out the whole time!
There was just too much energy, too much noise, too much potential for messes being made
It was actually kind of funny to be the one telling my kid to relax, we can clean up if someone spills.
After that event he said he didn't ever want another party, ever.

He enjoys going to parties at other people's houses, just not here.

So when his birthday rolls around he just invites a couple of friends and has a very low key time with them.
It's much more fun for him.
Easy for me too.

This year he had 3 friends over to spend the night.
(big crowd by Carter's standards)
We ordered pizza
They played video games and Risk
I made a homemade Red Velvet Cake per Carter's request

They stayed up til all hours

The next day we went to the movies and saw Snow White and the Huntsman
A good time was had by all

Here are a few more photos:

Just as we were about to sing, Carter started getting bombarded by texts saying Happy Birthday.  His pocket was buzzing over and over. The timing was impressive...

So, Frank wrapped the gifts and in true Frank fashion he added the usual little clues.  One of them said, "Its not what you think"  Well, he had wrapped a wallet inside of the box from my Iphone.  But once Carter saw the Iphone box he totally forgot the note!  He completely fell for the box and it was hilarious.  He was so excited and in the process of thanking us for being awesome parents when we started saying "It's not what you think!" and he realized he'd better open the box before thanking us too much. 

His last gift really was a phone, although not an Iphone.  He was skeptical at first, thinking he was being had.

Good times!

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