Thursday, May 25, 2017

What can I say...

Blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside lately.  I've been busy painting the kitchen and other stuff that isn't exciting enough to blog about.
I have been taking pictures of the kitchen project and I will one day do a huge blog post about it.  That way I won't forget and be tempted to do this again.  Just kidding. I'm sure I'll do it again or something very similar because...I'm me.
My house is in a horrific state.  Even if I clean the kitchen in the morning, by that evening every available surface is COVERED in tools and junk and who knows what.  It's kind of exhausting.
The drawers and other kitchen stuff are in 3 different rooms so those rooms are also a mess.
But, I know this phase is temporary (please let it be temporary) and so I just try to ignore it the best that I can.

Here are some of the other things I've been doing:

I've been growing out my hair for the sole purpose of braiding it.
Yes, I love braids and my hair is never long enough to braid so I decided to just grow it out and have a dang braid!
The last day of the long(ish) hair

Alas, within the last couple of weeks my hair has been falling out by the handful.  It's quite frightening actually but I'm assuming it's the "change of life" or some such nonsense.  Being a woman is tough.

Anyway, I realized that the braid was never going to happen.
I now have all these baby hairs growing in and when I pull my hair back (say in a pony tail or *braid*) I have all of this hair sticking up like a lions mane.

So, today I chopped by hair off again.  I should probably accept that I am a bob kind of person.

As I was taking these pictures of my hair for the purpose of this blog, I was struck yet again by something that I've been dealing with for awhile: I hate my face.

Me, trying to get a picture of the new hair while not having to look at my face in the picture.

I'm not saying this to get my friends to be all like "Oh, Debbie, you're still pretty" or whatever nonsense they might say...I mean it.  I just can't seem to come to grips with the whole aging thing. I never thought it would bug me but it really does.  If I had tons of money I might end up looking like one of those hollywood people who have had too much work done.  Actually, I don't think I would because I'm too afraid of looking like that.  I'm willing to stay "natural" even if I hate it just so I won't be a laughing stock.  Also, I would hate to die on the operating table getting a face lift.

How did this chubby, wrinkly thing become my face?  I know, I know: cake, bread, sun, years.  fine.

My mom is kind of obsessed with looking younger and it's getting worse as her dementia worsens. I went over there the other day to find her putting ice on the "huge bags under her eyes".
I can only imagine that this will be me someday, considering that I already think bad thoughts about the huge bags under my eyes...I just don't put ice on my face yet or talk about it publicly (unless you count this blog, which I don't) Ha!

On to other subjects!

I removed and washed all of the cushion covers for my outdoor furniture.  It was surprisingly easy to remove and replace the covers...I thought it would be a nightmare.  And they washed up so well!  No bug guts whatsoever were left after the washing. Sweet!

I replaced them all today onto the newly power washed couches (thanks Frank!) and they look so good.

The bugs can now feel free to die on them again tonight. sigh.

The view of my lovely backyard from my lovely, temporarily clean, couches.

Frank also cleaned the table and chairs, Go him!

I will now sign off and go do something useful like dishes.
I also got new glasses and they are not bifocals yeah, still winning the aging game in that area!

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  1. You are too funny Debbie! And I love your face !