Sunday, May 28, 2017

Garage Sale finds

I went to garage sales on Saturday.  I don't really need anything, obviously, but I'm always on the lookout for some cool thing that I can't resist. And I mostly go just for the fun of being with friends.

Before I left Frank said, "Have fun.  Don't forget...we don't need ANYTHING"

We have been thinking about buying a bike for Carter so that he can have it when he goes to college in the fall.

He's been looking at new bikes and was hoping we would help cover the cost.  But after visiting Alaska and seeing poor Daniel get his bike stolen only days after buying it, he now sees the wisdom in perhaps getting a used bike that might be less enticing to a thief.

So we told him we would get him a used bike for his birthday.

I saw a pretty nice but well used mountain bike at one of the garage sales and immediately called Carter.  He and Frank came over to see if it fit him and it did and we bought it!  It's a little early but he now has his birthday present.

I also found some cool vinyl records that I bought for him.  In my excitement to give them to him I totally forgot that his birthday is a mere 5 days away.  So when I got home from the garage sales I gave them to him.  He loved them!  And then Frank was like,"why didn't you save those for his birthday?"


So I yelled, "Hey Carter, those are a birthday present.  Those count as a birthday present!"

He responded, "No way!  It's not my birthday! They don't count"

Well, too bad my friend.  They count.   But I still wish I had waited.

Maybe I'll steal them from his room and wrap them and give them to him again!

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