Saturday, May 6, 2017

Location, location, location

I am the kind of person who usually folds and puts away the laundry right out of the dryer.  I don't like to have baskets or piles of laundry around.
However, with all the painting I'm doing and with how torn up the house is, I ended up letting a basket of laundry sit in front of the dryer for several days.
I finally decided to put it away one night.
I was putting Frank's stuff in his drawers straight out of the basket and then anything that I found of mine, I would put in a little pile on the corner of the bed.
After all of his stuff was sorted out, I grabbed the pile of my stuff to take to to my closet.
When I lifted up the pile of clean clothes I looked down and there on my bed was a big caterpillar.
He looked all squishy and was moving his freakish worm-like body around ON MY BED.

I freaked out and started yelling for Frank to come.
He was like "it's a what"

But here's the thing.

Caterpillar in the garden=kind of cute bug that has the potential to be a moth or lovely butterfly
Caterpillar on my bed (and also apparently roaming around in my clean laundry)=gross, disgusting bug that is totally freak out worthy

He got rid of the bug for me and I pondered whether or not to strip my sheets and rewash all of the laundry I had just put away.

Lesson learned.
Stop painting long enough to put the laundry away immediately!

I am willing to  happily coexist with bugs if they will just stay outside where they belong.


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