Thursday, January 5, 2017

The reality of remodeling

I don't really like to call this remodeling because what we are doing here really isn't as big as all that. But somehow it still makes a huge mess.

We haven't knocked out any walls or anything, we are just painting 2 rooms and a hallway, painting the trim and doors (in 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and all the closets) and replacing baseboard.  Yes, it's a lot of painting but it's not like we are going all "flip or flop" over here.

But, oh, it has done a number on our way of life.

There isn't a single room in this house now that is clean or normal.

We have stopped doing dishes or cleaning up after ourselves.  After all, we have more important things to do!  
Also, tools. Everywhere.

Eating area/family room:

Tools on the table, paint on the table, miscellaneous stuff that we simply push to one side when it's time to eat.

Yes we have half of a chair (the other half I carried to the basement but this bottom portion is too heavy.  So now it waits until I can get help) and a tarp.
Doesn't everyone have a tarp in their family room right in front of the tv?

Entryway and living room:

Oh look, the entryway is all decorated for Christmas!
Plus a random door leaning against the wall.

The entire coat closet had to be emptied out so I could paint it.  The coat are now just a huge pile in the living room that we dig through as needed.

Bedroom #1:

Yes, indeed, that is a chop saw in my house.
I didn't take a picture of the wall behind it but it is covered in sawdust and might never recover.

Also, the vacuum (had to empty the closet it was in), painting supplies and random tools.
Oh and the lovely ceiling fan sans blades or a light cover.
I'm hoping to find replacements that don't cost too much. That light has been without a cover since we moved in and the blades had remnants of glow in the dark stars that could not be removed, so I chucked them the other day.

Bedroom #2:
All of the laundry goes on this bed.  None of it gets folded or put away, just thrown in this one room that isn't really getting worked on.

Also another random door leaning against the wall.
All of these doors need to be lugged to the basement where I will paint them 
(and probably complain on the internet about it between coats).
I have 9 doors to paint if you count closet doors as 1, which I shouldn't because each closet actually has 4 doors.
So make that 18 doors to paint in this part of the house alone.
Yay! I hate being bored! Lots to do!

Master Bedroom:

Painter's tape everywhere and a random light switch waiting to electrocute someone.

We've had the dressers pulled away from the wall for awhile now so that makes the whole room hard to manage.
The bed no longer gets made and we pile all kinds of miscellaneous tools and stuff on the dressers.

The back wall is lined with doors waiting to be taken to the basement.

The carpet is ripped up.
The laundry basket actually had clean clothes in it until I did some sanding with it right there.  Alas.
Lovely step stool waiting for me to stop taking pictures and get back to painting the crown moulding.

That is our current home tour.
I hope to have an improved version soon...with fewer tools and less mess!

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