Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Birthday Party

Frank threw me a 50th birthday party on Saturday.
I told him last year on my birthday that I wanted a party when I turned 50...so the man really had no choice.  I mean, I gave him notice after all.
A year is plenty of time to plan.

And hubby did good.

He went overboard with the balloons which was a fun surprise.

It's basically a miracle that we got the place cleaned up enough to have people over.
We had all the carpet ripped up and just messes everywhere...but we had the main part of the house presentable by Saturday night.  Sadly we couldn't get on the schedule to get the new carpet in before the party but it worked out ok anyway.

He had these huge "party" balloons.  The "Y" popped but he just taped it to the wall!  It was hilarious and actually not very noticeable unless you really looked.

A big "50" for the front window.
No hiding my age.

Sidenote: All the balloons are still up around the house and it's now several days after the party.  I mentioned that we should take them down but Frank says they are staying up until they collapse...we are getting our money's worth! haa!
It's quite festive.

My sister Diane couldn't come to the party but she came during the day and helped Frank decorate.

We got the cake from a neighbor of ours who is an amazing baker.
The cake was gorgeous and soo delicious.

He also bought a second bundt cake.
He had planned for a big turnout...

Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate and we had lots of snow then some freezing rain before the party.
I started getting cancellation texts in a steady stream.
I also found out that some of the emails didn't go through or he didn't send them accidentally... and, therefore, he invited way less than he thought.

We had a nice time, though, with the neighborhood folks that came
(no excuses when you can walk to my house, right?)
So, there was plenty of food for everyone!

My sister was there with her daughters as well as Rebekah, Amber's sister.

I was really thankful to have them there!

My friend Erin, from work, was such a fun guest and fit right in though she didn't really know anyone else.
She gave me the amazing toilet paper gift. haa!

(She also attached a movie gift card to the bottom so that was nice)

A couple of neighbor gals gave me a bin full of hilarious gag gifts:
a shower cap, grey covering hair spray, compression socks and a box of mustaches

I also got a cute valentine's book written by my next door neighbor.  It's fun to know famous published authors!

I was grateful for those who braved the weather to attend and help me celebrate turning 50.

I'm not too freaked out by the age, I still feel young so I will say that I am.
Frank did put together a slide show of pictures and it's kind of hard to see how much you change.
The 30's were my best years, by far. 

My birthday also means an anniversary of sorts that I can't help but think of each year...
Frank was diagnosed with Leukemia on my birthday 5 years ago.
I am so grateful to have him around and happy that we have reached the 5 year milestone.
Big party over here on April 4! 
his new life day?
Second birthday?
I never know what to call that day, the day he got the life-saving bone marrow transplant.
but whatever we call it, it's good!

Here's to a good year.
I've entered the 50's and I'm going to make the best of them!


  1. That party looks amazing! I totally didn't notice the deflated Y until I read it. And man, that cake really looks incredible, I wish I could've gone to your party. Disappointing that some couldn't make it but hey, more cake for you!!

  2. So sad that I missed your party! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Happy birthday!

  3. Sounds fun! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!