Friday, January 6, 2017

The perfect banana

For me, the perfect banana is slightly green with no bruises of any kind.
If it turns perfectly yellow, it is no longer delicious to me.
Oh, I can tolerate a yellow banana but it's not the perfect banana.

For years now I have purchased bananas in large quantities.  Everyone likes them and they get eaten fast.  If one or two don't get eaten, I just throw them in the freezer for future banana bread or muffins.
It was perfect when the grandkids lived downstairs because they liked somewhat ripe bananas so I just gave all of my extras to them.  No waste, made a grandkid win!

Now that it is just Frank and I, I find myself with so many old bananas.
My freezer is full of them and I don't want to make banana bread.  At least not as many loaves as I would have to make to use up all those bananas.

Frank laughs at me when I come home with a big bunch of bananas.
"So, those'll be edible to you for about 15 minutes and then we will just watch them rot."

I have been gradually getting used to shopping for 2.
For example, I buy one loaf of bread and one gallon of milk now.
And so last night at the grocery store, I bought two bananas. Two.
I wanted to pick up the big bunch that was PERFECT.  But no, I only bought two.
And they were absolutely perfect.  Slightly green and in pristine condition.
They were so perfect, in fact, that I ate one in the car on the way home.
Then I had one this morning.

And now, I am out of bananas.

You are welcome, future descendants.  Someday you will read this and understand why you are so weird.

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  1. Have you ever made banana ice cream? I think the only ingredient is frozen bananas blended up. Maybe you could use all your old ones for that.