Wednesday, January 25, 2017


When we reinstalled our bedroom door after I finished painting it and the new carpet was installed, it was a bit snug.  It still swung open and closed but it dragged against the carpet.  We knew we would have to remove the door and cut it down a bit but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it right away.
When you have multiple projects going on at once, it can get overwhelming and sometimes all you want is to be able to have a door on your bedroom, even if it doesn't close quite right.

I had several times when I would attempt to swing it shut behind me as I walked into the room only to have it move an inch or so and get stuck on the carpet.

So today we finally took the door down and Frank cut a little bit off the bottom.
It fits great now and swings shut as it should.

After he was done installing the door I said, "Finally I can slam the door when I get mad at you!"
To which he responded, "I've missed that."

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  1. Ha!! Zoe's bedroom door sticks on the carpet too. I wonder why just hers and nobody else's? Weird.