Sunday, May 8, 2016


Happy Mother's Day to my awesome mom!

Of course I will tell her in person since she doesn't go online anymore
but I'd like to write down a few things anyway.

My mom:
the kind of person who just figures out what has to be done and finds a way to do it.

Life for my mom is different now.
She's older 
and, as part of getting older,
her health isn't as good as it once was.
She has asthma that is barely controllable.
(More ER visits and breathing treatments that you can believe)
She has short term memory loss.
She's not as sharp as she once was.
Skills that were second nature to her like sewing, cooking, drawing and painting
are now out of reach.

But she's still a kind, positive, lovely person.

Growing up my mom was such an example of strength to me.
I wanted to be like her.
Fearless and bold and able to take on any challenge.
Her faith was unwavering in good times and in trials.

I sometimes feel sad because this current, simple life probably isn't what she pictured for herself.
She probably always imagined herself going and doing.

But now, her life is more about simple pleasures:
a good movie
a good meal
seeing her kids and grandkids

She and my Dad spend all their time together and they are pretty sweet together.

Mother's Day isn't my favorite holiday.
I am one of those easily disappointed people.
I'm trying to do better.
(And have lower expectations)

My mom probably had some disappointing Mother's Days.
I hate to think that I disappointed her...
but I was a normal, selfish kid
so I'm sure I did.

I can't make up for my foolish younger days.
But I am trying to show my mom how much I love her
by spending time with her each week.
Doing things that she enjoys
and talking with her about her memories.

I love my Mom and I'm grateful for all the sacrifices she made throughout her life in order to make my life better.


  1. Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to Donna. Donna is an amazing example to all who know her. We are are thankful for the time we spent with her and for her amazing contributions to nursing and patient care. We love you Donna.

  2. She also has been an awesome sister. There is no better example of faith and faithfulness regardless of any and all challenges that arise.