Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Senior Pictures

All photos taken by Dion Davidson, Photographer Extraordinaire

I have wanted senior pictures of Carter since the fall...
However, this kid does not like to have his picture taken.
So I waited.

But graduation is only 2 weeks away now, so time is definitely up!
I asked my brother if he would take some senior pictures for me
and just informed (I did not ask) Carter that we had an appointment for pictures.

Looking serious....he's too cute.
He wasn't excited, but he did agree to show up.

He wore the same clothes he wore to school that day.
He fixed his hair by running his fingers through it.

He didn't tie his shoes
(more authentically "him" apparently)

He looks handsome in his pictures.

I love this kid.

Of course I love all my kids.

But here are a few lovable things about this particular kid:
He's funny.
He makes cute faces.
He likes to tease but usually in a nice way.
He likes to pretend to give me a hard time, but then follows up by doing what I want him to do.
He's pretty helpful around the house. Ok, I usually have to ask...but when I ask, he helps happily.

He makes the "magnum" face when taking pictures...I mean, how can you not love that?
He likes to watch movies with me or play cards with the family.
Sometimes he isn't in the mood to play cards, but he still does it.  Although he will often throw the game in these situations.
When I guilt him into taking a family walk even when he doesn't want to...he does it.

And if we leave without him because he doesn't want to go on a family walk, he will get up and try to catch up with us. Aw.
He likes the same TV shows that I like and we laugh over funny scenes or quotes together.
His room is a disaster.
(I don't usually find this to be a lovable quality but I'm feeling sentimental right now.)

He was ready to be done with pictures after this short photo session 
and was dismayed when Dion let it slip that we might do more later.

I still have hope of getting some decent pictures of him in his Eagle uniform
which he will hopefully consent to
(after all, I made his brothers do it)
but we shall see...

We told him to walk down this road.  He looked skeptical.  We said, "You're walking into your future"  To which he responded, "On a dirt road?! My future is a dirt road?! I hope my future is at least paved!"


  1. Great job, Dion, and of course Debbie, you deserve a ton of credit for having such a great son.

  2. Awesome pictures. He is so handsome! And likeable!

  3. Awesome photos and I love the paved comment! He is a very good looking boy (oops man!).

  4. Really fun pictures! Love the ones with his great smile! Naomi