Saturday, April 30, 2016


I still have my loaner car 

(for a few more days)
because my Fit is fixed!
Frank actually texted me to tell me.  Here is a copy of the text:

He has enjoyed having the Civic
with its bells and whistles and leg room and non-girly color.

So my loaner car is black.
As we all know, black cars get kind of dusty and show the dirt more than other colors.

My black car isn't currently super dirty but the hood of the car looks dusty
like it has a mixture of dirt, rain and pollen on it.
Not too bad but it's there.

Today as I was unloading my groceries I walked past the car to the trunk
and noticed that some person had written on the hood of the car
(just with their finger in the dust)


Sweet, huh?

It has been bugging me ever since.

So some jerk face thought it would be funny to write on a strangers car that they hate them?
They thought it would be funny to leave this message with, say, a tired middle aged woman who had to work  today and then go after work to the grocery store because there was no milk left in her house when all she wanted to do was take a nap?

Did they think it would make me laugh?
Make my day brighter?
I'm sure it gave them a little giggle with their friends.
I hope it was worth it.

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  1. So annoying! Someone once left a note on my van calling me a bad name and telling me what a horrible parking job I'd done. It bugged me for several days. Don't these people have better ways to spend their time?!?! Well, I don't hate you!