Friday, May 13, 2016

It's time

I'm so ready for school to be finished.

You know how I can tell that I'm ready?
I'm already in "summer mode"
Carter and I were caught sitting in front of a movie at 11 PM last night when Frank returned from his business trip.
On a school night.
I had not even paid attention to what time it was!

I'm saying things like 
"We should go to Logan next week"
to which Carter might say 
"Am I skipping school?"
and I might respond
"Do you have anything important?"

Not the right example or attitude, I realize.

The downside to school ending is that I am creeping ever closer to the day that Carter leaves.
He will leave for his mission on June 22.
A mere 40 days from now.

He has the same sense of humor as his Dad and brothers...
so he likes to just randomly say things like
"42 days until I leave home forever"
Just to remind me.
sweet, isn't he?

I've already had a few episodes of feeling teary eyed over the fact that my last child is leaving home.

I sometimes go into mom mode and tell Carter to do his homework or to finish strong.

But mostly I am thinking about how I want to relax
or how we should have a barbecue
or go on a road trip.

Graduation is two weeks from today.

It can't come soon enough.
It's happening way too fast.

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