Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Homework has been the bane of my existence for many many years now.
Oh, not MY homework.
I had no trouble with my own homework.
It's the kids homework that is the absolute WORST.

I am in the final countdown now,
with my last child graduating from High School seven days from now.

And yet
the torture continues.

He stayed home from a church activity last Wednesday so that he could 
"finish his homework".
I came home to find him laying on the couch.
Was it finished?
Oh no.  Not by a long shot.
He whined about being SOOO tired.

The next day he knew he had to finish it but I could tell he was starting to think it might be fine to only partially finish it.
How little could he do and still pass?

I bribed him with eating out.
If he finished 3/4 of it, we could go eat out.
Then he could finish the last of it afterwards.
It actually worked!

And I don't think the homework was as painful as he thought it would be.

I wish I could say that the torture was over after that.

But, no.

Today he has to tackle a big stack of make up work for seminary...
which is another story that I will not venture into because I will begin to rant.

We can do this.
I know we can.
Well, I think we can.
I hope we can.

Why am I even involved?

Why is this a "we" thing?

I don't think my parents ever even asked about my school work!
much less, get involved.
But, I was a different kid and they were different parents.

Anyway, today, I believe is the LAST DAY for homework woes here at the Hill house.

I can not wait to be done.


  1. Seriously, my parents had NO IDEA if I had homework or if it was finished. I asked my dad for help with math but other than that, if it set get done it was on me. How do I do that kind of parenting?? I'm so excited for you to be done with high school for the fifth time!

  2. Should say "if it didn't get done..."