Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy.
I worked everyday but Friday.
We had a big family get together for FHE at my parents house on Monday.
We brought dinner over and then my Dad gave us a lesson.

(We've decided to have a Monday night family activity at my parents' house once a month)

On Monday I also took Carter to get some immunizations that he needs before he goes to Japan.
We got a new roof on Wednesday.

I was in charge of a large-ish Young Women activity on Wednesday evening.
Frank was in charge of a big "Night on Broadway" activity for the entire Stake on Friday.
And we had Carter's Eagle Court of Honor on Saturday.

Monday I started the new job doing literacy testing at the schools
and it is pretty fun, not gonna lie.
The kids are dang cute...we test Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
The time goes by really fast.
And I work with some gals in my neighborhood  (all are very nice gals) so I'm glad to get to know them better.

As usual, I put more time/effort/energy/stress into each of the things I was in charge of than was probably necessary.

Wednesday's activity was a Lip Sync with all the Young Women in our congregation.
It turned out to be really fun!
My job in the Young Women organization is the 1st Counselor.
This means that I am in charge of the 14-15 year old girls as well as being part of the presidency that runs the whole organization for 12-18 year old girls.
So I was part of two different lip sync groups: 
The YW Presidency did one to the song Lollipop by The Chordates
The adult leaders over the 14-15 year old girls did one together to Loco-Motion by Little Eva.

For the Loco Motion lip sync, we came up with a whole dance to go along with it.
I am no dancer.
But I'm willing to embarrass myself so it works out.

I also got it into my head that we should dress the part.
So I ended up making 3 tulle skirts for the occasion.
(I told you I tend to overdo things)

My downstairs neighbor offered to help us with our hair and so she came over Wednesday afternoon and gave us each some awesome beehive type hairdos.

A big, round tulle skirt would never be a good look for me so I don't know what possessed me to decide this was a good idea.
And I'm currently quite chubby.
So, I'm having trouble looking at the pictures.
But it was a fun night and the girls liked seeing us being crazy.

I also had to decorate the room and get/make the treats.
So, of course I decided I needed homemade sugar cookies with stars on them
(because, you know, we are pop stars!)

None of the things I did were hard all by themselves
but I just had a lot of little things to do.
At one point Frank might have called me crazy.

For the Lollipop song, we had our husbands join us for the dancing and it was really fun and funny.
They even gave us a big kiss as part of the dance.
Teenagers just love to see middle aged people kissing...which is why we did it.
It's always fun to gross out some teenagers when you get the chance.

Friday night's Broadway event was also really good and a fun time.
I bought all the refreshments and helped set them up but other than that, Frank was the one in charge and worrying about this activity.
We have some seriously talented people in our area because the singing was fantastic!
Two of the teenagers from our ward (congregation) participated and they were both amazing.

I will do a separate post about Carter's Court of Honor.

It was a jam-packed week, but a fun one!