Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My house is a mess and other news

Seriously, the piles of papers and general junk around my house are making me batty!
Not batty enough to clean it all up, mind you.
But really, how does one kid doing his homework take up every single horizontal surface in the house?
Papers on the table, the buffet, the coffee table, the couch, the kitchen counter
and don't get me started on his actual bedroom.
Then you add the mail, the junk mail, the empty cereal boxes that no one but me seems to be able to walk out to the recycling container...
it's ridiculous.

Frank finished the wood shed today.
Well, the building of the woodshed is finished...
we still have to stain it
and then fill it with wood.
I'm hoping the wood hauling takes place on a day that I have to work.
The job might come in handy for something good!

Speaking of which, am I still complaining about the job?
Why, yes.
yes I am.

I start Job #2 tomorrow.
Because, if you have a job that you complain about all the time,
it makes perfect sense to get a second job.

Training for two days and then the job actually begins next Monday.
Four days a week for 3 weeks
testing reading skills in elementary schools.
I'm actually excited about it.
But I reserve the right to complain later when I have worked two jobs for three weeks.

We bought the first suit for Carter's mission today.
He looked so handsome in it.
And it's becoming real that he is leaving very soon.
Also, when he saw how much it cost for one suit, a tie and some shoes
he had a bit of an awakening about how much things cost.
He's a little late but he's learning.
He's paying for the clothes so that makes it more painful, obviously.

I went and got a pedicure today
and it wasn't because I wanted cute toes.
I really really wanted a foot massage and I didn't know anyplace else to get one.
It was heavenly, if too short.
Between work and a week at Disneyland walking walking walking...
my dogs were barking!
(name that show)
However, it is a nice plus that I now have cute toes.

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