Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frank, in a nutshell.

Where did that saying come from anyway?
In a nutshell?
Ugh, now I'll have to go google that because I must know!

Recently Frank decided that he wanted to build some sort of structure to hold our firewood,
but he didn't want to spend a bunch of money
so he's been looking at plans that use pallets
and ideas that are just simple and protect your wood from the elements.

He showed me his plan on Wednesday night a couple of weeks ago.
"Here is the wood shed I want to make"
It involved pallets and tarps.
I responded that if he was planning to put it where I thought he was planning to put it...
I didn't want an eyesore.
No piles of wood wrapped in tarps that I have to look at from my porch, thank you very much.
He looked thoughtful and started doing more internet searches.

Thursday he had a whole new plan and we were off to Lowes.

Friday I came home from work to find this:
A woodshed going up quickly in my backyard.

Saturday we left for vacation.
We got home from vacation on the following Friday night 
and there was no doubt what we would be doing the next day.

We put the roof on the shed including tar paper and shingles.
I watched quite a few youtube videos to figure out the right way to install shingles.
I cut the shingles (and watched the videos so I could tell Frank how to do it right)
 and Frank did the installation.
I also carried the shingles to him and lugged them up the ladder.
I pictured myself dying quite a few times.

All that is left to do is put the sides on the shed and then move all of the wood over.
Not looking forward to that part, I'll be honest.

This is my husband.
If he gets an idea in his head, it will happen.
If I give him any kind of indication that I am ok with whatever plan he is mulling over...
well, it happens right away.

He is a project guy.
It makes him happy.

I think he enjoyed putting up this wood shed way more than he enjoyed our vacation.
Not that this is a surprise...he is not, and has never been, a Disney guy.

As I drove home from Lowes with the extra shingles we needed yesterday
I felt a happy feeling and just thought to myself,
I'm glad we are project people.
I'm glad we are do-it-yourself-ers.

Most of the skills belong to Frank,
he is a handy guy.
But I can do a lot too. 

Although, honestly, I did spend a fair amount of time swinging on the swing set and taking pictures and hanging out in the beautiful spring weather while he toiled away on the shed.
But, really, it was his idea to build it.

In a nutshell

in a nutshell
In a few words; concisely

So, this blog post wasn't about Frank "in a nutshell" because I was not concise and I did not use as few words as possible. 
This was Frank, with a lot of details and side notes.

Here is Frank, in a nutshell: He is a Project Guy

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  1. Neither Dave or I are protect people. We don't know how to do anything so nothing gets done. You're lucky. :)