Monday, December 1, 2014

The flu?

A horrid stomach bug has attacked our house.

The babies got it first
(No idea from where)
Branden gave in...and was out of commission for a day or so.
Ryan suffered for about 12 hours

But so far, it was contained to the basement of the house.
We felt ok upstairs.

Carter succumbed on Thanksgiving day
Which did not seem like a good thing since we had a house full at the time...
Sorry family!

But, again, seemed fine after less than a day.

Then Frank.
Saturday he woke up fine and then crawled back into bed about an hour later...
This man NEVER does that.
He's a "tough it out" kind of guy.

Two days have gone by with him spending all that time
either moaning in bed or moaning in the recliner 
(that we schlepped into the bedroom for the poor man).
Today he had to go on a business trip at o'dark thirty...
So I have no idea how he was feeling when he left.
Better, I certainly hope.

I, on the other hand, have felt sort of queasy
(reminiscent of  morning sickness but less intense)
off and on for several days now.
Am I just being influenced by the fact that everyone around me is dropping like flies?
Or am I really sick and just doing it differently than they did?
And, most importantly, should I just pull myself up by the bootstraps 
and go get out the darn Christmas decorations?

Or stay here, where I am right now...
In the recliner with a book and a blanket.
Moaning occasionally.

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  1. If a woman moans in her recliner and her husband isn't there to hear it, does it make a sound? I say wait. Rest is never a bad thing, even if you don't get the full bug. I sure hope you don't!