Sunday, December 28, 2014


With everyone's work schedules, 
I had a hard time finding a time to do the annual gingerbread houses.

We finally decided on 
Tuesday, December 23rd
at 9:30 PM

Yes, 9:30 PM

That meant that we kept Isabelle up past her bedtime so that she could participate.

Which also meant she wasn't always super happy...

I tried to think of someone to invite
But Carter would not have it.
It is a tradition that we have always done with our good MA friends the Petersons
(and the Mattinsons in recent years)
and as far as he was concerned, if those families couldn't come,
no one could.

So it was just us.
But since everyone is home, it was still a decent crowd
and a lot of baking.

As Amber and I worked to be all creative and make our houses cute

Amber's house

Debbie's house

we couldn't help but laugh at the boys houses.

We noticed that they had all put some sort of FACE on their houses.
Since when is a face a normal thing to put on a gingerbread house?

Frank went one step further and put a rear end...
with "poop" coming out.

Ryan wasn't feeling well so he didn't participate.
I should have taken a picture of him laying on the couch!

Here are the finished creations:

We had a good evening together even with the late start time.

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  1. Your house is amazing! You must have a lot of gingerbread practice because it's super pretty.