Sunday, December 14, 2014


We went to Puerto Vallarta for a week.
Yep, right smack in the middle of Christmas.

Not the perfect time to go
considering all the stuff that needs to be done at this time of year
but it was a nice get away from the busy-ness.

The hotel was all decked out for Christmas
but honestly it was hard to feel "Christmassy" in that kind of warmth.

It was in the 80's and humid the whole time.
I was SO HOT.  Frank thought it was perfect.

The designer of the hotel was not a master of subtlety.
The room was bold!
Hot pink, turquoise and bright yellow.

Our room faced the front of the hotel rather than the pool or ocean.
But it was a nice view all the same. 

Here's what we did:
sat on the beach and read

swam in the ocean (not as warm on this side but still nice)
went scuba diving
went on a zipline over the the jungle
No pictures of us doing it because you had to pay too much for them...

walked around downtown
and along the boardwalk

Went sailing

Saw some baby turtles

Saw (VERY close up) some crocodiles
I made sure to stay behind the guy showing us AND Frank.
2 crocodiles, 3 people...I'm staying in the back!

watched the procession into the church for the "Virgin de Guadalupe" festivities

participated in the "Virgin de Guadalupe" festivities

rode the bus
Stayed up past 10 every night! 
(I realize how lame that sounds, but we worked hard to accomplish that last task)

We went to a restaurant called 
La Leche
which means "Milk" 
The whole place was decorated in white
and it was a bit, well, gimmicky.
For example, the bread came in a white paper bag
and if you asked for water, you got this:

But the food was really really good.
We ate there two nights in a row
and after the second night, the waiter said, "See you tomorrow!"

That's our vacation in a nutshell.

Now on to Christmas!


  1. Didn't you guys go somewhere tropical already this year? TWICE? So this is your third one? I'm starting to get annoyed at all your vacations. I better have at least one before you have your FOURTH. :)

    1. Three? I don't think so. But maybe. Frank is VERY SERIOUS about his vacations now. We actually bought a vacation package thing so we will definitely be doing two per year for 3 years. I hope you get one too!! (It's easier when you are out of the baby stage)