Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Our first Christmas in our new home in Utah!
Kaylee's first Christmas ever!

Everyone came we had a full house.
It loved it.

We had the traditional opening of Pajamas on Christmas Eve
along with reading the story of the birth of Christ in Luke.

I remember telling everyone to get in their jammies for a picture...
but no picture exists.
So either they ignored me or I forgot to take the picture.
Either scenario is completely likely.
And I have no memory of what actually happened.
Which perhaps means I am the one that forgot...

The only thing that was really different about this Christmas
was the way Christmas morning went down.

We decided to wait for the babies to wake up naturally
so they would be in a good mood for present opening.
But these girls sleep in!

So the rest of us woke up, got showered and dressed
and drove to Annette's house for breakfast 
before we opened any gifts.

Breakfast was old tradition from our Pennsylvania days
that has been duplicated here in Utah.

By about 10 or so we were home
and the boys were getting sort of antsy
so we did end up waking Isabelle up after all.

 We really enjoyed our morning together.
Opening our gifts and watching Isabelle open hers.

She was sleepy at first but got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Frank's big gift:
A GoPro camera!

Frank surprised me with a new bike!
Totally unexpected but I'm happy about it.
I love to ride so once it warms up a bit, I'll be happy to give it a go.

It will be my first time riding with clip on shoes, however.
So I hope I don't kill myself.

Ryan got a bunch of clothes

Kaylee enjoyed the paper!

Grandma and Grandaddy were super generous with all of us!
Everyone loves Christmas money.

Austin got everything on his list!
But of course, his list included things like
a tarp, a compass and a knife.
crazy kid 

 Carter got a unicycle!

And Amber got a double stroller.
(but no picture of her opening it...I am not the photographer I once was)

Later in the day Dion came over to take our family picture.
(THANKS so so much!)

We chatted a bit.
I think seeing everyone together in one room
talking and enjoying being together is 
my favorite thing in the world.

It began to snow just as we went out for pictures.
So the pictures are perfectly, wonderfully Christmassy.

Even the test shots are awesome.

It was, however, nap time.

A few couples shots:

The rest of the day was just relaxing.

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  1. That day IS perfect, and your house is so beautiful. I love that you got a bike, so fun! Also, can Amber PLEASE tell me how she got her kid to sleep in 'til 10 am? My kids have all been up for 5 hours by then.