Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12 Days of Christmas

We have quite a lot of the whole
12 days of Christmas
 thing going on here at the Hill house.

Someone in our neighborhood is giving us anonymous presents everyday.
Included with each gift is a mug
with the corresponding day from the song.

It's pretty fun to get that ring on the doorbell every evening!

And we are amassing quite a collection of mugs
which will be fun to pull out for hot chocolate each year.

Carter has started saying
"Do you want to take a picture of this before I eat what's inside?"

We are also doing the 12 days of Christmas
for Frank
just like we did last year.
I'm afraid after doing it two years in a row, that it will be a 
tradition set in stone from now on.
Do you know how hard it is to think of 12+ gifts for a man?

His first gift was a deck of playing cards
with different jeeps on each one.

He said,"Is this year going to be the year of the jeep?"

He has no idea.

Day two:
Jeep Socks!
He actually picked up the package and said
"I think this one is Jeep socks"
And it was.

Since then, he has gotten a variety of gifts
that all somehow relate to his jeep or four-wheeling.
And also emergency prep...one of his hobbies.

All the family gathers
(even guests...if you happen to be at our house, you get to witness the fun)

Some cool goop that cleans the crevices in your dirty jeep

Glove box necessity kit

Isabelle helped last night

A five gallon water jug for when he goes four-wheeling

He  missed a couple of days because he was on a business trip
and, unlike last year, I didn't let him open "make up" gifts.
So he feels a bit ripped off.

But that just means more presents on Christmas day!
(at least that's what I keep telling him when he brings it up)


  1. Is your second day mug broken? It looks chipped. Funny. I love your Jeep theme! You're a fun wife.

    1. It actually was chipped! I thought it was funny 😀. I'm not that fun of a wife, it just looks like it on my blog occasionally.