Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Zoo!

It's so much fun reliving the "little kid" times again.
I miss my little kids who loved me and wanted hugs and kisses.
Isabelle is starting to like me
(although its mostly for the snacks right now)
and Kaylee, of course, has liked me all along 

Recently we took them to the zoo in Salt Lake City.

Isabelle LOVES chickens so it was fun to see them roaming around 

Kaylee and Grandma 

The weather has been gorgeous lately so, of course, on the day we went to the zoo 
it was really HOT
Nice out, but hot.
I felt sorry for Kaylee who was in a carseat a lot as we strolled her around.
All that padding! 
I felt hot just looking at her.
Poor hot baby!

Isabelle loves animals.
So the zoo was the perfect outing.

It was hilarious to watch her watch the animals.
Seeing them in real life and moving and everything.
So much different than a book or stuffed animal.

Not too sure about these LIVE animals!
She loved the monkeys when they were sitting still, but once they moved she was not so thrilled.
Monkeys are cool when they sit still...

Same thing with the peacocks.
One came up to the fence (just a split rail fence) and she loved looking at it.
Then it walked through the fence!
Oh my gosh she jumped!  It was sort of sad (since she was scared) but also so funny.

Ever since the zoo she has added a new animal sound to her repertoire
and it is a growl.
So funny and cute.

We ended the day at the Splash Pad
which is a very good thing to have at the zoo!

While Isabelle and her cousins enjoyed the water

Kaylee and I sat in the shade together and cooled off.

It was a fun day!
The only thing I regret is not eating at the zoo cafe.

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  1. That SLC zoo is exhausting! Too many hills! But I do appreciate a zoo splash pad for sure. My kids go crazy for the peacocks, they love them. You sure have cute grandkids!