Thursday, September 18, 2014

Isabelle's first outing

On Monday night we got brave and took Isabelle on her first outing
*without her parents*
Yep, just Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Carter and Isabelle.

We figured she would do ok since it involved food.
She has already learned that Grandma/Grandpa=food
so I imagine she was expecting a treat of some kind!

We went to a local ice cream shop that we noticed driving by
but hadn't tried.

I was hoping to get her a tiny cone that she could work on
but this place was totally different from any place we've ever been.

You choose your flavor(s)
and they use nitrogen to freeze it right there in front of you.
Pretty cool!
and tasty
but not really toddler friendly.

So I ended up getting a small for myself with an extra spoon.

Oh man!  
She loved it so much.

She would happily dip her spoon in over and over
(getting only a minuscule amount on it each time)
and then lick it off.
She started to realize that she wasn't getting as much on her spoon as anyone else
and she decided to use her hands.
Smart cookie.
But I'm I gave her a second spoon.

Afterwards we went upstairs and played some arcade games.
She loved watching the lights and screens and pretending to drive.

Someday she'll learn that it's more fun when you actually turn the game ON
but we'll enjoy these simple times while we've got them!

Our first outing was a success!

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